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Better Driving Through Science

Carbon Revolution produces the world's only one-piece carbon fiber wheel: the most technically advanced wheel on the planet, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car.
A great car deserves the best wheels.

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Hollow spokes optimized for
stiffness & strength

Two-piece titanium wheel bolts:
security & strength

Single-piece construction for superior durability
continuous fiber construction

Guaranteed performance & quality
ISO certified manufacturing

High-speed light-alloy
valve design

The scientists and technicians who created the first one-piece carbon fiber wheel saw it as both a vocation and an immense challenge. Tested in Germany to the highest TüV standards, and available for purchase, Carbon Revolution knows carbon fiber better than anybody. The company understands how to optimize the structural integrity and create the ideal stiffness for the ultimate performance. They have also developed techniques to ensure a consistent, high-quality manufacturing process in the most critical automotive application. Backed by patents and many awards, the one-piece Carbon Revolution CR-9 doesn’t just look like the future of wheels, it is the future. And you can drive that future today!


These ultra-lightweight, optimal one-piece carbon fiber wheels uniquely improve your vehicle’s dynamics without compromise. They help maximize your car’s performance in virtually every sense.
Go faster by going lighter.

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1. Start line: Launch hard with reduced inertia: get more power to the ground.

2. Tight high-g corner, higher cornering speeds due to increased grip. +0.14s

3. Bumps on track. Carbon wheels glide right over the bumps. Bumps upset the car with the aluminum wheel forcing the driver to breath on the throttle costing time and creating more work for the driver. +0.08s

4. Very tough section, off-camber, mid-corner bump and a wide line will hit curbing. Improved grip over curbing, improved steering precision and better chassis control allows the driver to keep the throttle wide open. +0.42s

5. Large bump and g-out in middle of the track typically upsets the chassis with aluminum wheels. Improved suspension performance due to lightweight CR-9 wheels allows the suspension to soak up the bumps without upsetting the chassis. +0.14s

6. Late braking, early on the throttle and increased grip mid corner. +0.45s

7. Finish line: total split = 1.23sec, almost 13 vehicle lengths on the straight!

  • All around the track the transitions in and out of the corners are smoother.
  • Far less adjustments by the driver to steering and throttle allows the car to taker a better line and not have to lift.
  • If you can get back to throttle quicker on corner exit lap times will come down.

Driver Feedback & Lap Times

  • Improved suspension performance increases grip, enhancing control and stability in the corner

  • Improved steering feel made the car easier to drive at the limit

* Average speed on the straight was 104mph resulting in a gap of 13 vehicle lengths for the 1.243sec split in lap times

"Chassis is more predictable and controllable"
"On track grip is improved, car has much less tendency to step out"
-Kelly Collins, "NASCAR Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Series" Driver

Handling & Control

Lightweight wheels are perhaps the greatest single performance enhancement you can bolt on your car. Basic physics tells us the gyroscopic effect requires significant effort to move a spinning object – the heavier it is, the more effort is required. Lighter, stiffer wheels allow you to accelerate quicker and change direction more precisely. Because there is no wheel lighter than a CR-9, you can place your car precisely, with less effort, and with more feedback. The harder you use them, the more benefits you see.


Advanced Materials. Timeless Design.

The Carbon Revolution CR-9 is the result of world-class engineering expressed in one of the most captivating materials known to man. Sophisticated, refined and purposeful: The CR-9 wheel looks as good as it performs, making a positive impact on the eye as well as your car.

Performance is everything.  Efficiency is everything else.

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