“Night and Day” – How Carbon Revolution wheels transform the Corvette Z06

5 October, 2022

The best American sports car ever made” is fitted with some of the most efficient, most technically advanced wheels on the planet. The 2023 Corvette Z06 has received glowing reviews from North American automotive and business media, who spent time on the racetrack and Pennsylvania roads with the latest version of the iconic sports car.

In particular, the carbon fibre wheel option – supplied by Carbon Revolution – was lauded by several media outlets for its ability to further enhance the Z06’s astounding performance on the track, and transform its style.

How much lighter are the Corvette Z06’s carbon fibre wheels?

The five-spoke, single-piece carbon fibre wheels, which resulted from a five-year collaboration between Carbon Revolution and General Motors design and engineering teams, save 41 pounds of unsprung, rotational mass.

David Patterson, creator of ThatDudeinBlue YouTube channel told his 1.2 million YouTube subscribers the Carbon Revolution wheels were a must-have option.

“Chevy put me in the ‘normal’ one and then they put me in the in the Z07 with the carbon fiber wheels, and it was literally God Mode.”

How much faster is the Corvette Z06 with carbon fibre wheels?

Engineers from GM and key suppliers, including Carbon Revolution, Brembo and Michelin were on-hand to take guests through the Corvette Z06 and some of its most important features.

Corvette Chief Engineer, Josh Holder said the lighter carbon fibre wheels alone save 1.5 seconds per lap over a 2-mile track. GM engineers changed the Z06’s steering ratio to accommodate the lighter wheels.


Can you feel a difference between the Z06’s carbon fibre and alloy wheels?

“1000% noticeable,” remarked Canadian YouTubers Yuri Tereshyn and Jakub Wrobel from Straight Pipes. They said the different steering ratio and reduced unsprung weight made the Corvette’s turn-in more instantaneous.

MotorTrend writer, Scott Evans said the improved steering and braking feel was noticeable when opting for carbon fibre wheels over their forged aluminium counterparts.

“If the base Z06 feels like it’ll stop right now, the Z07 feels like it already stopped yesterday… The steering response is immediate and pinpoint precise.”

How do carbon fibre Z06 wheels fare on the road?

While the carbon fibre wheels pay dividends on the track, GM and Carbon Revolution engineers tested wheels extensively in labs and on roads, to ensure the wheels would stand up to the rigours of daily driving.

As well as adding further street-cred to the Z06, the five-spoke carbon fibre wheels have been designed to the same OEM standards as OEM alloy wheels, and must meet GM’s stringent criteria around fatigue life and impact resistance.

James Englesman and Thomas Holland from the Throttle House YouTube channel told subscribers the Z07 Package with carbon fibre wheels was a viable daily drive option, pointing out the lighter wheels’ ability to traverse bumps.

Corvette Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter said the lighter and stiffer carbon fibre wheels were noticeable in normal road conditions.

“Even daily driving you can sense the stiffness… it’s not just lighter, it’s stiffer laterally so you can feel that.”

When does the Corvette Z06 go on sale?

The carbon fibre wheels – the widest Carbon Revolution has produced to-date and the company’s first five-spoke design – are available as an option on the 2023 Corvette Z06, which is now on sale in the United States.

Z06 customers can opt for Carbon Flash painted wheels, or a visible weave carbon fibre finish, featuring Carbon Revolution’s Diamond Weave™ technology.

Following on from the C8 Corvette Stingray, the Z06 will also be made in right-hand drive from factory and sold in various global markets.

General Motors is Carbon Revolution’s fourth OEM customer.