Carbon fiber wheel manufacturing, high pressure resin transfer molding


Corvette Z06 carbon fiber wheels


Carbon Revolution has constructed a state-of-the-art factory, purpose-built to manufacture carbon fibre wheels at scale.

This facility has received ISO certification, allowing Carbon Revolution to become a Tier 1 supplier to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Since then, Carbon Revolution’s facility has achieved Ford Q1 Certification for meeting Ford’s stringent quality and performance requirements.

Using Industry 4.0 technology, Carbon Revolution has iterated its production process over the past 15 years to ensure outstanding quality is maintained as scale is increased.

NVH carbon fiber wheels

First-Class Quality

At the heart of the Carbon Revolution smart factory is a state-of-the-art quality tracking system. Data is collected for every wheel, at every point of the manufacturing process, allowing Carbon Revolution engineers to ensure every wheel meets customer requirements. In all, over 160 in-process measurements and inspections are performed on each wheel before it leaves the factory, including:

  • 3D CT Scan, generating 12,000 images per wheel
  • Helium leak test
  • Tolerance and balance inspection.

The use of artificial intelligence and automation to conduct many of these checks ensures Carbon Revolution can further scale its operation without compromising quality.

Carbon Revolution Mega-line demould cell

Carbon Revolution is commissioning its first Mega-line to increase production capacity and efficiency.

Carbon Revolution’s first Mega-Line is providing a step change in production scale and economics that enables the company to deliver larger volume programs to a broader cross-section of the market.

Commissioning has made great progress, with production wheels being supplied since early 2023.

This design has been virtually validated using a digital twin and VR technology, which has allowed iterations to the factory design based on operator feedback before construction commences.