Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheels


Corvette Z06 carbon fiber car wheel

Carbon Revolution makes the
world’s best automotive wheels.

Carbon Revolution makes the world’s best automotive wheels. Our technology harnesses carbon fibre’s immense strength, in a super lightweight package that does not compromise durability.

Reducing mass from a vehicle’s wheels delivers transformational benefits. Accelerating, stopping and handling are all improved with lighter wheels, as unsprung mass and rotational inertia are reduced.

Carbon Revolution wheels are up to 40-50% lighter than aluminium wheels. On the road, this means improved fuel efficiency, and increased range for EVs. range, performance, handling.

Carbon fibre wheel technology also offers opportunities for greater wheel robustness and durability than alumnium wheels, greater colour and pattern design flexibility and freedom, reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and the realisation of large diameter aerodynamic wheel designs that are less practical in aluminium due to weight limitations. The benefits of carbon fibre wheels are more pronounced as wheel sizes increase and heavier aluminium wheels become less viable to achieve OEM performance targets.

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Our wheels have been adopted by makers of some of the world’s highest performance vehicles. As our manufacturing capability expands, we are developing and manufacturing wheels for a wider range of vehicles, including SUVs and EVs.

Mustang Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels

The Future

Our list of OEM customers continues to grow. We have recently been awarded our first EV wheel program.

Carbon Revolution is in detailed design and engineering phase for new, larger carbon fibre wheels for an SUV and an EV pickup truck, as well as an expanding range of performance cars.

We will be able to share more soon!