Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheel diagram

Product Engineering

Carbon Revolution Product Engineering Team
Product Engineering

The Carbon Revolution engineering team has years of experience with composite technology, and decades of experience in aerospace and automotive design.

Our engineers employ cutting-edge computer modelling tools to optimise the composite structures to very precise specifications, ensuring our wheels improve vehicle performance and efficiency.

Our Product Engineering Team works to ensure our wheel designs meet OEM technical and performance specifications and manufacturability requirements.

finite element analysis
Virtual Product Development

The lightweight properties of carbon fibre allow designers additional freedoms which aren’t available with traditional wheel materials

Our team can modify the wheel’s design to meet OEM requirements around strength, performance, aerodynamic efficiency and quietness.

Carbon Revolution uses Virtual Product Development. Computer models simulate wheel durability and stiffness, while manufacturing options can also be investigated, as well as analysis of weight and moments of inertia to forecast performance for the product development team.

Finite Element Analysis

Once the final design concept has been selected, the wheel design is optimised through the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

This advanced tool simulates demanding on-vehicle conditions, such as during hard cornering or driving over a curb. Getting the wheel design right the first time accelerates the real-world testing and validation process, and eliminates tooling and prototyping rework costs.