Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheel in factory
C8 Corvette Z06 carbon fiber wheels


Carbon Revolution is a global technology company and Tier 1 OEM supplier, which has successfully innovated, commercialised and industrialised the supply of lightweight carbon fibre wheels to the global automotive industry.

The Company was founded in 2007 with the purpose of bringing disruptive efficiency technology to all vehicles. Carbon Revolution has progressed from single prototypes to designing and manufacturing wheels at commercial scale for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. With over 70,000 Carbon Revolution wheels on the road, Carbon Revolution is the recognised leader in the sector.

Carbon Revolution has penetrated the performance and premium end of the market with OEM programs for Ford, Ferrari, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover and Renault.

The company successfully listed on the Nasdaq in New York in November 2023 under stock ticker CREV.

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Shelby Mustang carbon fiber wheels


With 15 years of advanced technology development, Carbon Revolution has generated an extensive IP portfolio, which gives it the edge over its competitors.

Carbon Revolution’s patents and proprietary knowledge place the company in a unique position to continue leading the way and disrupting the automotive wheel market, with an eye to the aerospace and industrial wheel markets in the future.

Advanced manufacturing processes ensure first-class quality and outstanding visual appeal on every Carbon Revolution wheel.

carbon fiber wheels in factory

Up to 40-50% lighter than
aluminium wheels

Faster lap times from
better acceleration,
braking and handling

Increased performance and
efficiency through reduced
unsprung, rotational mass