“It’s been off the chart” – Demand for Carbon Revolution’s world-first 23-inch carbon fiber wheels hits unprecedented levels

29 February, 2024

We’re thrilled that half of the 2025 Range Rover Sport SVs sold in the United States have been optionally equipped with Carbon Revolution’s carbon fiber wheels.

This represents a massive take-up rate for Carbon Revolution’s world-first 23-inch carbon fiber wheels and demonstrates strong consumer preference for the Company’s disruptive lightweight technology.

As Road & Track’s Mike Duff writes, half of the Edition One Range Rover Sport SVs sold in North America have been equipped with Carbon Revolution’s wheels.

Speaking with Car Throttle’s Matt Robinson, JLR SV brand director Jamal Hameedi said, “We are building the carbon wheels as fast as we can,” adding, that demand for Carbon Revolution’s wheels “has been off the chart.”

JLR’s Vehicle Engineering Director, Matt Becker, also spoke to Car Throttle about the benefits of Carbon Revolution’s 23-inch wheels, explaining that “carbon is the best option.”

Carbon Revolution is responding to these extraordinary levels of demand with significant production milestones, including a sizeable rise in throughput, as measured by wheels boxed for shipment, which more than tripled in Q4 CY2023, when compared to the previous corresponding period.

Carbon Revolution’s 23-inch carbon fibre wheels fitted to the Range Rover Sport SV are a world-first.

A world-first product, Carbon Revolution’s bespoke 23-inch carbon fiber wheels represent the first time a Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) product has utilized the Company’s innovative wheel technology.

Compared with the standard alloy wheel fitted to the Range Rover Sport SV, Carbon Revolution’s innovative one-piece wheels shave a significant 19.6 lbs (8.9 kg) per corner. This equates to a 41% reduction in unsprung rotational mass.

These impressive numbers do more than speak for themselves, though – the automotive world is also talking about how Carbon Revolution’s wheels improve Range Rover Sport SV’s dynamics, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), and performance.

Evo editor-in-chief Stuart Gallagher observed a noticeable improvement in the Range Rover Sport SV’s ride and handling.

“Fitting 23-inch carbon wheels and carbon ceramics saves over 70kg [more than 150 lbs] in unsprung mass, and on poor surfaces where your eyes tell you to prepare for a shake and shudder over the upcoming terrain, the SV is far more composed than your expectations,” Gallagher wrote.

The Drive’s Jerry Perez echoed Gallagher’s remarks on the improvements made to the SV’s ride and NVH and described Carbon Revolutions wheels as “awesome”.

Range Rover Sport SV Carbon Revolution carbon fibre wheels
The Range Rover Sport SV is a 4.4-litre, V8, twin-turbo-powered SUV with supercar levels of performance.

“Despite the massive carbon wheels and 285-section Michelin Pilot Sport all-seasons [tires], there’s no tire drone, hollow bangs when going over potholes, or any sort of obnoxious gremlins,” Perez wrote.

As Dr. Ashley Denmead, Carbon Revolution’s CTO and Founder, explained, the Company’s unique carbon fiber wheels drastically reduce NVH compared to aluminum wheels.

“Due to its metal composition, aluminum wheels ring like a bell and transmit a great amount of road noise into the vehicle’s cabin. Conversely, our wheels are significantly lighter, stiffer, and due to being carbon fiber, possess far fewer acoustic properties,” said Dr. Denmead.

The success of the Company’s 23-inch wheels fitted to the Range Rover Sport SV follows news that Robert A. (Bob) Lutz, one of the world’s greatest automotive executives, has been appointed as Carbon Revolution’s Chair of the Board.

Speaking about the appointment, CEO Jake Dingle said: “I’m proud to announce that Bob Lutz has been appointed Carbon Revolution’s Chair of the Board. Bob’s experience and leadership in the automotive industry are unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to be working closely with him during this exciting new chapter as the global leader in carbon fiber automotive wheel manufacturing.”