Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheel diagram


FEA carbon fiber wheel

Highest testing standards

Carbon Revolution subjects its carbon fibre composite wheels to the highest testing standards to ensure they are extremely strong and durable for extended use in harsh weather, for motorsport applications or simply commuting.

Our OEM customers rightly demand strong and durable wheels, and we deliver. We design wheels with the end user in mind, ensuring they can be tracked or driven on poorly maintained roads.


Just like the safety cell of a Formula 1 carbon fibre monocoque, Carbon Revolution wheels are engineered to withstand impacts. Our OEM customers demand strong wheels which are resistant to impact. Carbon Revolution’s product engineering team has unparalleled expertise in strategic placement of fibres to reinforce wheels, while maximising weight savings compared to aluminium wheels.

Our wheels undergo SAE automotive industry-standard impact laboratory tests, as well as even more stringent OEM impact tests before entering production. These tests simulate impacts from potholes, protrusions and kerbs, using a calibrated striker to verify the wheel’s strength and quality.

radial fatigue testing carbon fiber wheels


To ensure Carbon Revolution wheels can go the distance, and continue to perform after hundreds of thousands of miles, we use the most advanced wheel testing methods available. The BIAX testing fixture is capable of simulating any type of driving conditions, from the extremes of the Nürburgring Nordschleife to road profiles from around the world. This test simulates all of the normal stresses on a wheel from cornering, to accelerating and braking, to ensure the wheel lasts for the life of the vehicle… and longer.

Range Rover Sport SV with carbon fibre wheels off-road testing desert


Laboratories provide the ideal environment to create repeatable tests, but real-world situations always provide the final validation.

Subsequently, Carbon Revolution and OEM customers have conducted on-vehicle testing for potholes and curb strikes, as well as extended durability testing on tracks, on roads and off-road around the world.