Carbon Revolution carbon fiber wheel spoke


Ferrari 488 Pista Carbon Revolution

The world's most advanced wheels.

It takes a lot of technical expertise and determination to develop a lightweight wheel which stands up to the rigours of use on a vehicle. Over the past 15 years, Carbon Revolution has solved the challenges of making automotive carbon fibre wheel work:

  • Attaching the wheel to the vehicle so it can never come off while in use, but can be removed when required;
  • Ensuring air is held in the wheel cavity which is subject to extreme impact and fatigue loads;
  • Protecting the wheel body from damage, due to heat from the brake system;
  • Ensuring paint sticks to the wheel for the life of the vehicle, even when exposed to UV.

Carbon Revolution wheels overcome all of these challenges, and weigh up to 40-50% less than an aluminium wheel, which has been achieved through incorporating the Company’s proprietary technologies.

Better driving through science

Carbon Revolution produces the world’s only one-piece carbon fibre wheel: the most technically advanced wheel on the planet, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car. Reducing unsprung, rotational mass on a vehicle transforms its dynamics and efficiency.

Ferrari carbon fiber wheel in production

Diamond Weave Technology™

The best wheels in the world are also the best looking, thanks to Carbon Revolution’s patent-pending Diamond Weave Technology™, which creates a beautiful carbon fibre surface finish on the visible surface of the wheel face.