Ferrari carbon fiber wheel in factory


The best wheels in the world should be easy to own.

cleaning carbon fiber wheels


Our wheels are easy to keep clean. One of the final steps of our production process involves painting our wheels. This top layer of paint protects the wheels and gives them a signature shine.

You do not need to use specific wheel cleaning chemicals for Carbon Revolution wheels, like you would with wheels made from metal. As a rule of thumb, if you would not use a chemical on a painted surface of the vehicle (body panels, bumpers, etc.) then do not use it on our wheels.

ceramic coating carbon fiber wheel

Thermal Barrier Coating

carbon fiber wheel faq

Servicing wheels

Changing tyres with Carbon Revolution wheels is no more difficult than any other wheels. As with any premium wheels, care should be taken to ensure they aren’t cosmetically damaged in the process. Most mid-to higher end tyre changers can service our wheels, with due care.

Watch this video to find out more about changing tyres with carbon fibre wheels.

If you have any questions about caring for your carbon fibre wheels, contact your local authorised dealership or contact us.

Curb your enthusiasm!

We know some drivers like to get close the curb, a little too close. Some even pin the blame on their spouse!

All of our wheels are painted – the top layer is always a clear coat. Any shop can repair minor scrapes to this clear coat layer. For more significant curb rash damage where the top aesthetic layer of the wheel has been disrupted, but the structure of the wheel has not been compromised, our wheels can be repaired through a specialist carbon fiber repairer. Spyder Composites has repaired hundreds of Carbon Revolution wheels to a very high standard.