GoAuto News discusses scaling up and EVs with Carbon Revolution

14 February, 2022

GoAuto News discusses scaling up and EVs with Carbon Revolution

14 February 2022

New Mega-Line and EV programs to significantly increase carbon fibre wheel production.

Carbon Revolution’s intentions to disrupt the automotive wheel industry are coming to fruition as expected. With new manufacturing technologies and several OEM programs in the works, Carbon Revolution CEO Jake Dingle spoke with GoAuto News about the company’s scalability, with its sights set on EV applications.

Scaling up for higher volumes

The roll-out of Carbon Revolution’s state-of-the-art automated facility combines advanced technologies and robotics with a network of digitally connected automated production systems to improve production flow and operational efficiency, while producing wheels to the highest possible quality and in higher volumes than previously possible. Improving both production scale and economics, the Mega-Line will enable Carbon Revolution to further its disruption of the automotive wheel market.

High pressure moulding

Well suited to EV applications

Improving both performance and range, Carbon Revolution’s wheel technology meets the requirements of today and tomorrow’s EVs by reducing weight on one of the most impactful parts of the vehicle all the while providing an improved aesthetic design, aerodynamics and other benefits relevant to EVs such as reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) properties.

With six programs in production with three global OEMs and nine programs in development, Carbon Revolution is well on its way to disrupting the automotive wheel industry.

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