A Future With Electric Pickups Will Include Carbon Wheels, says EV Pulse

22 February, 2022

A Future With Electric Pickups Will Include Carbon Wheels, says EV Pulse

22 February 2022

Our automotive future is looking increasingly more electric with the rapid advancement of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles that are being brought to market.

Carbon Revolution has been anticipating this transformation. Our wheels have proven their superiority in weight savings, noise, vibration & harshness (NVH), durability and performance in some of the fastest road vehicles available from Ferrari, Ford, and Chevrolet, but as this recent story from EV Pulse points out, Carbon Revolution currently has prototype carbon fibre wheels in testing for the next ‘big thing’ – electric pickup trucks.

Freedom from the limitations of aluminium

EV Pulse points out that carbon fibre allows far more design freedom than traditional aluminium wheels, allowing for greater design flexibility and aerodynamic efficiency with almost no trade-off in weight. And this freedom does not come at the cost of strength, as carbon fibre wheels are 45% lighter than aluminium wheels of the same strength.

Less Noise, Vibration or Harshness

While aluminium wheels transmit sounds and vibrations into a truck’s cabin, carbon fibre’s natural damping properties and high stiffness do not transmit the same amount of NVH. The reduction in unsprung weight also improves ride quality by damping out large jolts that the truck may encounter on off road.

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