Autoline: Carbon Revolution Saves Up To 33lb/Wheel!

21 November, 2023

“A decade of success: John McElroy explores with Jake Dingle our achievements since their last interview in 2013, highlighting our weight saving technology, awarded OEM programs and recent Nasdaq listing.”

In a re-visit of their first interview in 2013 CEO Jake Dingle recently reconnected with John McElroy at Autoline TV, where they delved into the monumental achievements of Carbon Revolution over the past decade. The interview showcases the remarkable journey marked by our success in significant wheel weight reduction, automotive industry recognition, and substantial growth.

One of the key highlights unveiled during the conversation was our company’s attainment of 18 programs with leading global OEMs, a testament to our commitment to excellence and the benefits of our cutting-edge ‘bolt-on’ technology. Jake emphasized the efforts that underpinned our growth; gearing up towards mass production which in turn has allowed us to set new benchmarks in the market.

The conversation with McElroy also touched upon the recent addition of four new board members Bob Lutz, Jaqui Dedo, Burt Jordan and Matti Masanovich, and our listing on the NASDAQ exchange; monumental steps that underscore our company’s trajectory of success and is positioning us for even greater opportunities on the global stage.

Dingle’s insights and reflections on the milestones of the past decade highlighted not just achievements but also the ethos that continues to fuel our ambition for the future. Watch the full interview on Autoline TV, where Jake Dingle shares with John McElroy our inspiring journey in innovation, resilience, and unwavering pursuit of excellence that defines our company’s 10-year history.