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Carbon Revolution is helping our OEM customers meet the ever increasing market demands for differentiation and innovation.

Our light weight technology provides unparalleled improvements in performance, efficiency and handling. We make the world’s greatest cars better!

In partnership with its research and industry partners, Carbon Revolution has conducted extensive analysis and modelling to quantify the efficiency and emission reduction benefits of reducing rotating, unsprung vehicle mass.

This has shown that significant efficiency benefits are achievable through a simple “bolt-on” application of this technology and that even greater efficiencies can be accessed through full integration to a vehicle given secondary mass benefits.

Due to the massive impact that the integration of this technology can have on the overall vehicle, Carbon Revolution is intimately involved in the development efforts of its OEM customers, from very early in the vehicle design cycle.

Carbon Revolution’s product engineering expertise is unparalleled. We have developed patented product designs & processes that allow us to deliver massive weight savings in comparison to forged aluminium wheels, without sacrificing strength, and in fact increasing durability. We exceed the performance requirements of all industry standard tests, allowing us to offer our light weight technology to vehicle manufacturers globally.

Furthermore, we have built a team of manufacturing and automation experts from some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated OEMs (including Tier 1 automotive suppliers and aerospace companies) to industrialise our manufacturing processes. We are currently scaling our production to reach a capacity of 600,000 wheels per annum.

The net result is that our OEM partner’s can not only gain access to the most advanced wheels on the planet, but importantly they can be sure of the quality, and know that Carbon Revolution wheels will be delivered to them in-full and on-time.



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