The Drive speaks with Carbon Revolution

8 March, 2022

08 March 2022

Carbon fibre wheels for trucks and electric vehicles are coming sooner than you think, says The Drive

The Drive recently sat down with Carbon Revolution’s Engineering and Design Director, Dr Ashley Denmead for a wide-ranging discussion about the benefits, efficiencies and durability of carbon fibre wheels. They spoke about Carbon Revolution’s journey from a Formula SAE project to becoming a tier one supplier for Ford, Ferrari and General Motors, and how soon you may see their wheels on your next vehicle.

From humble beginnings to the world’s fastest cars

The story of Carbon Revolution began with Denmead at Deakin University, where he and engineering classmates sought to boost performance of their Formula SAE race car. The first 13-inch wheels were handmade but were strong and light enough to prove the potential of carbon fibre in wheels.

Today, tens of thousands of Carbon Revolution wheels are on the road, including on the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06, the Ford GT and the Ferrari 812 Competizione and SF90 Stradale.

Efficiency technology for trucks and EVs

While the company’s lightweight technology has been well received by the performance market, Denmead sees far broader applications for Carbon Revolution wheels. EVs and pickup trucks are two segments where efficiency benefits of carbon fibre wheels, compared to aluminium, are more pertinent.

Denmead says this is due to customer demands for larger wheels, as well as aerodynamic and NVH benefits which designers can achieve with carbon fibre.

Extensive fatigue and impact testing of the wheels performed the company’s early years, as well as stringent OEM validations in the years since, ensure the wheels stand up to the rigours of everyday use in EVs and trucks.

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