Carbon Revolution carbon fibre wheels on 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

21 September, 2022

Carbon Revolution will supply the carbon fibre wheels featured on the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse, launched today by Ford Motor Company.

  • Ford Mustang ‘Dark Horse’ launched with Carbon Revolution’s carbon fibre wheels
  • This wheel program is expected to commence production on the Mega-line in late FY23

This will be the first time that Carbon Revolution will supply a core vehicle program at Ford, allowing a wider adoption of the Company’s lightweight wheel technology.

At the launch of the vehicle Ford said: “… Finally, for no compromise track performance, customers can equip Mustang Dark Horse with lightweight carbon fiber wheels from Carbon Revolution … It’s the first time carbon fiber wheels have been available for a Mustang beyond Shelby® GT350® and GT500®…”

Carbon Revolution is expected to commence production of this wheel on the Mega-line in late FY23.

Read the full media release from Ford, announcing the Mustang Dark Horse.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse S650