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11 February 2019

Meet Greg Silva from San Ramon, CA. He’s a dedicated BMW enthusiast who has owned a number of Bavaria’s finest, including the track-prepped BMW M4 you see here. The reason we’re introducing him at this moment is we’re hoping to share his adventures with Carbon Revolution fans during 2019 and wanted to take this opportunity to provide some background.

The 39 year-old Insurance Agent started his driving life at the wheel of a Honda CRX but would take his first BMW adventure in an E36 M3. Although the US-spec cars were a shadow of their European counterparts, it proved an addictive drug and started the journey that would encompass an E92 328i, E93 328i, E92 335i, 135is and X5 before arriving at his current 2018 X5M and this 2015 M4.

With his experience of so many BMWs, several of them modified, he planned to create an M4 track car from the outset. Once in possession of the car, Greg began with cosmetic upgrades before diving headlong into the project.

Visually, he’s proud of the M4 GT4 front bumper. It’s an OE part and tied together Greg’s vision for a track car with M4 GTS inspiration. It’s the latest in a number of exterior upgrades that began with the factory M Performance aero kit. This was swapped for a RevoZport styling kit and then parts from APR Performance, resulting in the hybrid appearance you see here.

With so many parts available for the M4, Greg has worked with leading suppliers like IND Distribution and used his track experience to shape many of his choices. This covers everything from engine tuning to chassis upgrades, where an improvement in lap times has been the overriding consideration. This brought him to today’s specification, but none of us should expect the development to remain static. However, we’ll recap where it currently stands to give us a baseline.

The 3.0L turbo engine, for example, sports a Dinan Stage 2 conversion with engine software, air intake and exhaust system. It was good for 534hp and 504 lb/ft of torque before Greg upgraded the Dinan exhaust with an M4 GT4 straight pipe to reduce weight. He also fitted Evolution Racewerks charge pipes to reduce turbo lag and added a carbon fiber Eventuri direct air intake from the front grille.

While not contributing any power, Greg was very impressed with M4 GTS software he had installed. It provided a gray rev counter for the heads-up display but, more importantly, recalibrated the differential, DSC, transmission and steering to sportier GTS settings. “It was a huge factor in setting my personal best lap times at my most recent track day,” Greg told us. “The new settings provided more feedback and there was less interference from the driver aids,” he confirmed.

Originally fitted with factory EDC, the M4 was first fitted with H&R lowering springs, then a Dinan coilover kit for EDC along with the company’s rear toe arms and lower control arms plus H&R adjustable sway bars. However, he outgrew their ability and swapped to Ohlins R/T coilovers with TC Kline camber plates and a Dinan front tension strut ball joint kit in search of the elusive perfect lap. More recently, Greg fitted KW Club Sport three-way adjustable coilovers and is enjoying their track prowess.

Refining the M4 led him down the path to a Brembo GTS brake upgrade. It utilizes six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers, clamping onto Type 3 rotors via hybrid street/track pads. A good set of brakes are a significant factor in better lap times and while the M4 has capable equipment as standard, the Brembo kit is a big step forward.

Equally important are wheels and tires. And predictably, Greg explored several options before settling on his current spec. He initially tried 20” wheels to provide more ground clearance but soon discovered there are advantages to smaller 19” wheels on the track, including a better choice of R compound tires.

For a while, the car was fitted with BBS FI-R wheels but he recently switched to one-piece carbon fiber CR-9 wheel from Carbon Revolution purchased from IND. He bought them after seeing a set on a friend’s car and was impressed to discover they offered up to 30% more stiffness. He is about to embark on his first track day with the new wheels and is already reporting a noticeable improvement in steering feel and responsiveness with the carbon fiber wheels during canyon driving. We’ll report on his track experiences throughout 2019, so visit Carbon Revolution social media channels for updates: facebook.com/CarbonRevolution

The CR-9 wheels are 19x9.5” front and 19x10.5” rear. They are fitted with 275/35 R19 front and 285/35 R19 rear Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires for their predictable track behavior.

Independent testing with one-piece carbon fiber wheels from Carbon Revolution have consistently shown faster lap times when fitted with the CR-9 thanks to its lightweight construction and superior stiffness. The combination helps to ensure superior corner entry speeds thanks to improved steering precision. Suspension and braking performance is also improved by virtue of significantly less flex from the wheel barrels. This helps to ensure consistent behavior under high-speed conditions, providing greater feedback. Visit carbonrev.com for more information.

Tech Spec: BMW M4

3.0L six-cylinder turbocharged with Dinan Stage 2 conversion, Eventuri carbon fiber intakes, Evolution Racewerks charge pipes, BMW Motorsport GT4 exhaust, IND painted engine cover

stock DCT transmission with M4 GTS calibration

Brembo GTS six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers, Type 3 rotors

KW Club Sport three-way adjustable coilovers, Dinan rear toe arms, lower control arms and front tension strut ball joint kit, H&R adjustable sway bars, spherical control arm bearings

Wheels & Tires:

19x9.5” front, 19x10.5” rear Carbon Revolution CR-9 one-piece carbon fiber wheels,
275/35 R19 front, 285/35 R19 rear Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires

BMW M4 GTS hood, BMW Motorsport GT4 front bumper with IND reflector deletes, lip and brake cooling ducts, APR carbon side skirts and GTC-300 67’’ rear wing, RKP canards, Vorsteiner rear diffuser, IND carbon fiber grilles and gills, IND tow hook caps, M Performance carbon fiber mirror covers

Recaro Sportster CS heated leather seats, IND leather-wrapped bolsters, Schroth four- point harnesses, Fall Line Racing bolt-in rollcage, detachable steering wheel and mount for Safecraft fire extinguisher, M4 GTS center console and door cards, Dinan pedals, Aim Solo DL lap timer


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