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Q: What fitments are available?
A: Specific fitments are available for a range of high performance cars including: Audi, BMW, Corvette, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche. An up to date list of applications are list on the website under "product"

Q: How much lighter are they than my stock wheels?
A: CR-9's are between 40-50% lighter than the OEM aluminum wheels they replace with no decrease in durability or stiffness. CR-9's on a Porsche 911 reduce the un-sprung rotating mass by over 40 lbs. (almost 20kg).

Q: What finishes are available?
A: Currently we offer our wheels with a gloss clear coat on top of the carbon fiber weave. Custom finishes are not available at this time.

Q: How are they made?
A: It is a similar process used in the manufacturing of certain aerospace and F1 parts. Carbon Revolution has a proprietary/patented manufacturing process that is unique to wheels. CR-9's are manufactured in a state of the art production environment that is ISO quality certified. Each wheel has an RFID chip embedded in it that contains information about each step of the manufacturing process and allows for compete traceability.

Q: Is the CR-9 all carbon fiber?
A: The barrel, spokes and hub face are all carbon fiber. Aluminum is used for the replaceable hub/backing plates and cone seats for the lug bolts/nuts.

Q: What does one piece construction mean?
A: To optimize stiffness, weight, and durability CR-9's are manufactured as one single piece of carbon fiber composite. The face, spoke, and barrel are a continuous structure. CR-9's are not bonded, glued, or bolted together.

Q: Does using carbon fiber for wheels have any effect on road/tire noise?
A: Yes. . Carbon fiber has a much higher damping characteristic than aluminum. As a result, using carbon fiber as a wheel material significantly reduces noise transmitted to the cabin of the vehicle.

Q: Isn't carbon fiber brittle?
A: It depends on the intended use and design of the part. In certain applications, such as the front wing of an F1 car it can be. However, in the case of our CR-9 wheels it is not. CR-9's are designed to meet or exceed OEM levels of strength. Impact resistance, and durability at a fraction of the weight. They have been tested in labs and tracks around the world and perform extremely well in all conditions.

Q: What if I hit a pothole?
A: If the pothole impact is not severe enough to damage an OEM wheel then it will not damage a CR-9. We have seen lightweight alloy wheels sustain serious damage and deformation during "on-vehicle" pothole testing. The CR-9, subjected to the same test, was not damaged.

Q: What happens if I "curb rash" my wheels? Are they repairable?
A: If the damage is primarily to the clear coat/resin and does not extend below the first layer of carbon fiber it is possible to repair them. Contact us directly before having any repair work performed.

Q: What kind of warranty do they have?
A: We offer a Lifetime Structural/5 Year Finish warranty to the original purchaser.

Q: Can I use my OEM wheel bolts or nuts?
A: No. CR-9's are manufactured with a unique hub and cone seat that requires a bolt or nut/stud combination with specific dimensions. Carbon Revolution offers Titanium wheel bolts and nuts for an additional cost.

Q: Can I use racing studs instead of wheel bolts?
A: Yes, it is possible to use racing studs with our wheels. Please contact an authorized dealer for the correct specifications for both the stud and nut. Use of incorrect hardware will void your warranty.

Q: Where can I purchase your wheels?
A: Our wheels are only sold through Authorized Carbon Revolution Dealers which are listed on our website. Businesses advertising our wheels that are not listed are not authorized dealers. Warranty and support for purchases made through non-official sources may not be available.

Q: Can I use Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) with the CR-9?
A: Yes, CR-9's will work with valve mounted TPMS. We do not recommend barrel mounted sensors or will we warranty wheels if they are used.

Q: If I wanted to have a custom set of wheels made can you do that? What about a "group buy" for 10-20 sets for the same type of car?
A: Due to the unique methods used to manufacture carbon fiber wheels it is not possible to produce custom "one off" or low volume wheel sets to order. The engineering and tooling costs make this impractical.


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