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The holy grail in the electric vehicle industry is range and performance. Carbon Revolution wheels present as best-in-class in both of these attribute areas.

Aerodynamic designs can also add significantly to the overall efficiency equation. Unlike metals, our composite material construction does not require weight compromises to deliver aero efficiency.

Due to the dampening nature of composite materials, Carbon Revolution wheels also present as best-in-class for noise, vibration and harshness; attributes that are also highly valued in EV’s, due to the lack of competing engine noise.

Currently Carbon Revolution has testing and validation activities underway with major global EV players, and has a target to deliver an astonishing 10% efficiency gain due to improvements in weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics.

The choice to build the Genovation GXE Corvette with Carbon Revolution wheels was the first validation of our role in the EV market. Expect to see a lot more EV news from Carbon Revolution in the near future.



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