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Automotive enthusiasts can now experience a one-piece carbon fibre wheel that utilises super-lightweight aerospace grade technology. Our wheels are more than 40% lighter than aluminium wheels. This step change reduction in rotating unsprung mass delivers a number of important performance enhancements. Carbon Revolution carbon fibre wheels improve many aspects of the performance and driving experience of your car. The result: a faster, more agile, more efficient and more rewarding car.


Carbon Revolution one-piece carbon fiber wheels provide weight savings between 40% and 50% more than comparable aluminium wheels. The direct benefit is increased acceleration; putting Carbon Revolution wheels in motion takes less effort, allowing the same amount of horsepower to reach the first corner sooner. Less effort = faster.


Carbon Revolution wheels are the ultimate addition to the complex suspension systems on most modern vehicles. With low unsprung weight, shock absorbers are able to respond quicker, keeping the tire in better contact with the road surface. Every driving dynamic of the vehicle changes – steering becomes sharper, the handling is crisper and more responsive. Most drivers cannot believe the difference a set of lightweight carbon fiber wheels can make.


Directly related to steering, handling and response is mechanical grip; this is the ability of the vehicle to keep the contact patch of the tire planted firmly to the road. The heavier the wheel the more difficult it is for the tire to remain in ideal contact with the road. This is the result of the forces generated by conventional aluminum alloy wheels. Carbon Revolution wheels allow more efficient suspension action, resulting in an optimized tire contact patch. This corresponds to improved performance through superior mechanical grip, and ultimately contributes to faster lap times.


The force required to slow an object in motion is directly proportional to the object’s mass. By reducing the mass of the wheels, the braking system has less work to do when bringing the vehicle to a stop.


Materials resonate at different frequencies and most metals have low material damping, causing them to vibrate and resonate. This can contribute to unwanted road noise. Carbon fiber is naturally higher damped and has superior vibration characteristics, resulting in reduced road noise. So simply fitting a set of Carbon Revolution wheels will make your vehicle quieter and more enjoyable to drive.


After more than a decade of research and development, Carbon Revolution has released a product that exceeds the performance requirements of industry-standard tests, while delivering unparalleled weight savings and the associated benefits. Performance is everything, but it's also hard to ignore the stunning visual impact of a one-piece carbon fiber wheel.


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